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  • RNDr. Peter Zamarovský, CSc. akademický pracovník ČVUT v Praze

    Cesta omylu je i cestou pravdy.
    The path of error is the path of truth.
    (Hans Reichenbach)

    My Books

    Peter ZAMAROVSKÝ, Why it is dark at night? Story of dark night sky paradox 

    The question "Why is it dark at night?" perhaps looks foolish. In fact it is extremely fruitful question that was asked by philosophers and scientists since the days of the Renaissance. It was answered only recently. Is it the definitive answer?


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    Peter ZAMAROVSKÝ, The Story of Ancient Philosophy, CTU: 2005

    The author tells a story of the ancient philosophy, not only from a historical perspective but emphasizes particular aspects that are interesting from a view of present-day philosophy, science and technology.

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